Founded in 1962 on the initiative of Guasti Brothers, the Guasti wool mill bearing their same name is still a family business that has made this peculiar feature its strenght point. Dynamic and flexible reality, since always marked out by a push to innovation and ecology, the Lanificio started its work getting collections ready. They were made of natural and noble fibres dedicated to the clothing field.

With the coming of always more developed technologies in knitwear field, Guasti stood out once again for the capability to be ahead of its time buying – among the very first companies in Italy – new machines for knitted and fluff fabrics production, so to diversify its own production and direct it towards clothing and furnishing sectors. Since the end of the ’60s the Lanificio was the pure wool first productor, whose status it could be proud of for furnishing sector especially in north-east Europe markets.

It deals with a company which has invested in export and innovation from the very beginning, little by little it acquires leadership in Stretch fluff textile production to use as car seat-covers, then in the mattress covers and blanket textiles sector and in the ’90s reaching the first boiled wool invention, both knitted and fluff. Besides, thanks to the attention on environment and ecology, the Lanificio decided to produce articles realized with natural fibres, till the achievement in the third millennium of the realization of a new fluff textile that is entirely eco-friendly and with the most relevant and innovative features such as sheen, softness and low pile-loss: GUALANA.